Bulky Uterus and Fertility

When it comes to women’s care, pregnancy, prenatal issues, infertility, and other sensitive topics, it’s always good to have an expert way of looking at things. And that is exactly what we do at Yashadaa Hospital. Today, our focus will be on the bulky uterus and its fertility concerns. We have had numerous patients who raise their concerns about the bulky uterus, and we have been successful in treating them rightly. So, tighten up your core and let us get started to know what is right and what is wrong. 

Beginning With Basics - What Is the Uterus?

A woman’s womb is called the uterus, a pear-shaped muscular organ of the female reproductive system. The uterus plays a very important function in nurturing the embryo and carrying a pregnancy to term. Thus, its role in conception and delivery is irreplaceable. Problems of the uterus account for 3% to 5% of infertility cases. 

Is There Anything Such As A Bulky Uterus?

Yes, a bulky uterus is not a myth but a reality! The typical dimensions of a woman’s womb are 8 cm x 5cm x 4cm. While a bulky uterus will be bigger than the normal one, and there are varied reasons for that, such as:


Fibroids are noncancerous tumors present in the uterine muscles. It is also the most common cause of bulky uterus. They hang like little lumps or bulges along the uterus lining and into the uterine cavity. Women between the ages of thirty & forty are prone to fibroids easily. 


Adenomyosis is a noncancerous condition that has equivalent symptoms to that of fibroids. It occurs if the tissue that usually lines the uterus starts growing inside the muscular wall of the uterus. Adenomyosis is the rounded swelling of the uterus, which occurs if the tissue that usually lines the uterus starts growing inside the muscular wall of the uterus.

Any woman with a bulky uterus is likely to have these symptoms at the earliest. Read the entire list and check whether you suffer from any such concerns.

Note: Symptoms are directly related to the cause of having a bulky uterus. One can blame Fibroids for causing menstrual problems if they are unconventionally larger.

The symptoms are as follows:

       Heavy menstrual flow

       Pain abdomen during menses

       Heaviness in the lower abdomen

       Difficulty in conceiving

       Miscarriage or premature delivery

       Bowel and urinary problems

       Constipation or increased frequency of urination

Adenomyosis usually causes painful periods(dysmenorrhea), which may or may not be associated with heavy bleeding. Few patients can experience chronic pelvic pain or heaviness in the lower abdomen.

Some patients might not feel any symptoms, and the presence of a bulky uterus can be a surprise finding during a pelvic examination or an ultrasound.

Now that we know what a bulky uterus is and what the symptoms are if someone has it let us dive further into the article and get answers to intimidating questions about having one! Can one get pregnant with a bulky uterus? What happens if the uterus is bulky? Is a bulky uterus a severe problem? Is there any treatment for a bulky uterus?… etc. such questions are valid; thus, our expert doctor will be answering them in the best manner.

  1. Can one get pregnant with a bulky uterus?

Every woman reading things should be assured that having a bulky uterus does not hinder her chance to conceive a new life. Yes, one can get pregnant with a bulky uterus, and not all fibroids lead to affecting the chances of fertility. At Yashadaa Hospital, we have treated many women with fibroids and even helped them conceive naturally. But in case you have infertility and you have been diagnosed with fibroids in the uterus, discuss with your doctor whether anything needs to be done for them or not. To sum up, if you have been diagnosed with a bulky uterus, do not worry and consult your fertility doctor. Most women with bulky uteruses will need no or very little treatment. And with treatment, many of them will conceive.

  1. What happens if the uterus is bulky?

Any woman who has a bulky uterus is most likely to experience heavy bleeding and cramping in the pelvic region. One may also find swelling and cramping in the legs and immense pressure on the uterus and the surrounding area with unbearable backaches.

  1. Is a bulky uterus a serious problem?

Having a bulky uterus is neither bad nor good. If you have an enlarged uterus, it is not considered to be a serious ailment. However, at Yashadaa, we assure you a complete checkup. Our doctors use ultrasounds  and occasionally MRI scans to determine the exact cause of the enlargement and then prescribe your medications accordingly.

  1. Is there any treatment for a bulky uterus?

As we stated above, having a bully uterus is not considered a serious issue. Thus mostly, a woman will not need any treatment. But the symptoms such as immense pain, pressure, and following concerns may signal you to get some medications. Birth control pills and intrauterine devices (IUDs) containing progesterone can make it easy for you to bear the symptoms of heavy menstrual bleeding. Please note that if a woman’s case is quite sensitive, we may ask her to opt for a hysterectomy.

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